Tree & Back Outdoor Guide

Here is a list of resources and links that will help get your kids outside.

Activities & Articles

Try to not bring your phone outside. You don't have to take pictures to post later, just.... enjoy being out there and instead of social media, discuss your adventures later on the car ride home or at dinner. Call the grandparents so the kids tell them all about it.

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Find Your Outdoor Playground

To Trail or not to Trail: Hiking trails are plentiful and obvious choices for adult outdoor destinations.  However, most kids also enjoy a river or lake where you can create a home base (like a picnic blanket) then venture close by to throw rocks in the water or play tag or collect bugs.

Tree & Back Staff Tip: Many cities have a botanical garden and these are excellent places to take kids.  Many have kid programming, nature-centric playgrounds, animal exhibits, and more.  Also, your area might offer an official Nature Center that is off the beaten path.

Hiking Trails: There are many trail aggregate sites available online.  See below for some examples.  Remember, kids don't mind if a trail is unspectacular and usually, the closer to home the better.  Also, don't push the hiking distance.  If it takes an hour to walk 1/2 mile, great!  Most kids would rather stop and observe or invent a game out of a stick than hike hard and fast to get to "the destination".