We are dedicated to
getting kids outside and
away from their screens.

I’ll race you to the tree and back!

Nature engages all 5 senses in a way that has long-term health benefits. We're striving to increase kids' curiosity about the natural world. Think back to your childhood.... throwing rocks, playing in the yard, shape shifting clouds, and climbing trees. Let's open the door to these experiences for our kids.  Get outside and identify a tree or bird.  Turn on the hose.  Make mud in the yard. 

Designed to inspire kids

Our products are filled with engaging and educational imagery designed to keep our kids inspired by the world around them. The results are high-quality, well-fitting, and vibrant.

How Tree & Back started

We're 3 dads, each with 2 kids. We realize that screen time can be fun and even educational for our kids. However, we also see the other side that backs up both old adages and new science: Engaging kids in the outdoors has tremendous developmental benefits. We hope that Tree & Back can help get your kids outside.